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Confirmed 2020 Relay Mixed Competitors as of November 06, 2019

Note: Your name will appear on this list upon full confirmation which normally takes 3 days maximum. For Swim Zoning details, Click here
Race Number Last Name First Name Gender Category Discipline Zone
Muega Neil Patrick Male Mixed Run
Kintanar Krisza Joy Female Mixed Bike
Uyanguren Nino Male Mixed Swim
Elevation Fitness - JJV
Uy Samuel Jefferson Male Mixed Bike
Lima Vanessa Tracy Female Mixed Run
Villaceran Jalina Female Mixed Swim
Sandra's DavaoBoyz Team
Kasim Jerry Male Mixed Swim
Dela Cruz Sandra Grace Female Mixed Bike
Tionko Martin Paul Male Mixed Run
Team elevation fitness
Tan Nathan Christopher Male Mixed Swim
Hao Erin Crystal Female Mixed Run
Tan Nathan Christopher Male Mixed Bike
Team S5 Triad
Patalagsa Edwin Male Mixed Swim
Dumlao Danny Male Mixed Bike
Yu Diana Marie Female Mixed Run
Herrera Elmenita G Female Mixed Run
Gementiza Carlos Alphonso Male Mixed Bike
Mempin Jose Enrique Male Mixed Swim
Galan Charls Lester Male Mixed Swim
Palen Jocelyn Female Mixed Run
Jerry Palen Male Mixed Bike
Atabelo Hannah Faith Female Mixed Bike
Raut Alyssa Hesed Female Mixed Swim
Polestico Charlon Male Mixed Run
Muega Nerika Meliza Female Mixed Bike
Salazar Rico Wyben Male Mixed Swim
Pleños Wendeline Female Mixed Run
Trivengers tagum
Cuevas Jhon Wesley Male Mixed Swim
Libuangan Mark Anthony Male Mixed Bike
Libuangan Sarah Samantha Female Mixed Run